Press Release For The Pocono Witches Festival 2020




Contact: Androide Entertainment/

Edward Massey

 01/27/2020 Email:


The Pocono Witches Festival & Ball returns in October proving they are here to stay!    


BLAKESLEE, PA, January 27, 2020- Despite a few religious protestors at last year’s Pocono Witches Festival & Ball is set to return and promises to be bigger and better. “They, meaning the protestors have a right to protest on behalf of their beliefs, just as we have the right to celebrate ours, as Witches, we appreciate their prayers and respect their beliefs”, says organizer, author, and practicing Witch, E. Massey.

The religious campaign, America Needs Fatima demonstrated against the sold-out event with prayers which ended with no conflicts. Festival attendees respected the 20+ protestors during the 2-hour assembly of prayers. The Pocono Witches Festival saw close to 2,000 guests over the October weekend which also benefited One Warm Coat by collecting over 100 used winter jackets for children.

The “Pocono Witch”, says “Witches are about supporting the community and celebrating the cycles of the earth, and we like to have a good time doing it, that is what the Pocono Witches Festival is truly about”.

The returning “Pocono Witches’ Festival and Ball” line up of known occult and paranormal celebrities and speakers will include Destination America’s, Paranormal 911 and The Haunted’s Paranormal Investigator, Mark Keyes and known Psychic, Virginiarose Centrillo, Award Winning Witch Author, Christopher Penczak and “New York Witch Queen, Lady Rhea. The events main affair will be a Witches’ masquerade ball that includes a buffet dinner, DJ and a real Witches’ ritual that celebrates the traditional Halloween. Other events include a Séance and a “Magickal Market”, that will benefit the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.


The “Pocono Witches’ Festival and Ball” will be held October 23rd – 25th at the Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony and is expected to draw over 4000 people this year. Practicing Witch, E. Massey is the owner of Androide Entertainment and The Pocono Witch Shoppe. His presence in the community can be seen serving on the Philadelphia Pagan Pride board of directors and with Paranormal Spirit Finders as a medium/investigator. He has also published two books on the practice of Witchcraft and Magick.

For information on this event and tickets, visit

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