About Androide Entertainment

Founded in 1998, Androide Entertainment was created to help promote and produce local NYC bands and music events. We have now expanded to other forms of media that include books,art and other types of media. We like to consider ourselves more of a CO-OP entertainment company that reaches out to various companies to help us promote our media artists. Over the years, we have represented and worked with many artists, authors, musicians, etc. Most notably, DJ Mighty Mike Saga, Damsel, and Billboard’s #1 industrial band, Orgy. We have also produced and promoted many successful events such as, The I’am Festival, D’funk the Punk Festival, and various underground conventions. Since 2000, we have taken root in Pennsylvania where we have organized and promoted events, artists, and projects throughout the state. Our most current on- going event is E. Massey’s Paranormal & Psychic Weekends, which runs every two to three months at various haunted locations throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and the largest Witch gathering in Eastern Pennsylvania- the Pocono Witches Festival & Ball.